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What's the fuss about? Darragh is being honest

THE rarefied atmosphere of the 'High Moral Ground' is generally a suffocating part of the stratosphere. And so I'm slow to pass judgement on the writings and musings of the great Darragh Ó Sé. His recent column attracted much comment but I must confess to wondering what all the hullaballoo is about.

I enjoy his column as it brings together massive experience and valuable insights of how to win big games and especially All-Ireland finals. Darragh is retired from football now and so can be a little more forthright with his views. Unless of course the subject is Kerry!

I suspect the neutral observer might have a problem with a team or manager that encourages one of their own to "test the character" of the other team's best player but this has always been part of the game since 1884.

Darragh merely put down in print what everybody who has ever played or managed at elite level knows: it's a jungle out there and it's every man for himself and God for us all.

It does not make it right of course. It's just the way it is.