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Wexford's collapse of '08

WEXFORD were chasing a first Leinster SFC title since 1945.

They came to Dublin emboldened by an unbeaten league campaign culminating in a Division Three title and then, come championship, a stunning 10-point comeback against Meath followed by an emphatic semi-final victory over Laois.

Paul Caffrey's Dublin, chasing a fourth consecutive provincial crown, were three points ahead at the interval ... by full-time, the margin had stretched to 23 points, a Leinster final record.

MATTY FORDE: "We had been a second-half team for most of that season, and we were very happy with where we were at half-time. But Dublin just blew us away in the second half."

ADRIAN MORRISSEY: "The fact we were not in a Leinster final for so long, I think there were too many distractions leading into the game ... so many events taking place outside what we should have been focusing on."

DAVID HENRY: "I had my hands full (marking Matty Forde). Even though there wasn't too much ball going into the Wexford forward line, I remember he still kicked two great points that day. He was as good a player as was in the country at that time."

FORDE: "Their physical power that day and their pace was something I'd never seen before -- until they played Louth a couple of weeks back. (Shane Ryan) was like a man possessed. He was running with the ball flat out, we had guys chasing him but he was literally going away from them. When we looked back at it, we were going, 'Wow! ... we haven't seen this before'."

MORRISSEY: "Normally you go out onto the pitch and the atmosphere and everything else around you disintegrates when you start to play. We looked like rabbits caught in headlights at times, we just didn't know what to do or how to react to stop what they were doing."

HENRY: "It's hard to know what happened that year, because all you can do is play what's in front of you, and we did that and we won fairly convincingly. Tyrone, I suppose, were just in a very good position after that. They were seen that year as a team that was on the way down and, when they played us then in the quarter-final, everyone quickly realised that wasn't accurate."