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Westmeath players were 'concerned'

WESTMEATH GAA chairman Sean Sheridan has confirmed "some players" expressed concern about Paul Bealin's management set-up prior to his ousting as senior football boss this week - but insists it was anything but unanimous, writes Frank Roche.

The former Dublin All-Ireland winner fell to a grassroots revolt on Wednesday night, losing a county board vote 37-12, despite having the strong backing of the chairman and a majority of the executive.

Club opposition was fuelled by a 12-game losing streak, but there had also been rumblings of dissatisfaction from within the squad. "I couldn't comment on that - I heard rumours," Sheridan told The Herald.

However, he added: "I met with the captain of the team, Paul Sharry, and discussed the whole year. There was a little bit of concern but I wouldn't say all-out player power, which I wouldn't accept in Westmeath. There was concern from some players. We have 32 on our panel and it definitely wasn't the 32.

"I know we did badly in the championship, but we have no God-given right to beat any team in championship. We should have beaten Louth and we should have beaten Cavan - we didn't."

While accepting the democratic right of clubs, Sheridan was "very disappointed" Bealin hadn't been given more time to implement his three-year plan.