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Westerners twist knife

"NOW the Donegal myth has been dismantled and we are left with the incongruous truth that Mayo's toughest opposition so far has come not from the expected channels but from the side to which least attention was paid... London."

- Ouch. The Mayo News surely preparing a Sam Maguire homecoming edition, says it like it is.


Call for answers

"FOR Donegal, the defeat will surely leave a long and bitter taste in many mouths.

"The reign is over – and to reign supreme again there will be any amount of answers to some searching questions to be found.

"The wine suddenly hasn't become water again, but Donegal ran into many problems that face defending All-Ireland winners and couldn't rectify them.

"Where to now remains the million-dollar question."

- The Donegal News there, perhaps dreading a return to those times when covering the Donegal footballers wasn't much craic.


Conor unruffled

"AFTER a week when their tactics have been scrupulously dissected and analysed on TV, radio and newspapers, the Red Hands were again in the line of fire after squeezing past Ulster rivals Monaghan by two points at Croke Park on Saturday night.

"The experienced (Conor) Gormley, who again produced a commanding, wholehearted effort in staving off the Farney challenge, said the the squad were paying little heed to the high-profile pundits constantly having a dig at them, as they continued their assault on another Sam Maguire crown.

'We basically don't pass much remarks on it, it's nothing we can control.

'It's up to some people to talk about it, but we just work hard at our game in the matches and training and that is all we concentrate on to be honest,' he said.

- Conor Gormley telling The Ulster Herald that he doesn't care what anyone thinks of him or his team. Given his Houdini act in not being sent off for his part in the half-time kerfuffle last week against Monaghan, it's probably just as well.