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We're just happy to have another crack at it: Conroy


Eoin Dolan of Kickhams and  Ruairi Trainor of Vincents in action

Eoin Dolan of Kickhams and Ruairi Trainor of Vincents in action

Eoin Dolan of Kickhams and Ruairi Trainor of Vincents in action

A THRILLER in the 'Neller'. One of the best Dublin Senior Football Championship finals of the modern age.

The crowd lapped it up. And now for a second helping on Wednesday night (7.45pm).

Both managers were in agreement. The players had used up every last drop of sweat.

"It was a really, really great game. Both sides gave everything," summed up St Vincent's manager Tommy Conroy.

"We couldn't have asked our players for more and I'm sure Paul Curran feels the same way about his Ballymun lads.

"It's just unfortunate that we are back here on Wednesday night and then out again in the Leinster Championship on Sunday.

"But there is nothing we can do about that, so we'll just have to deal with it.


"We are just happy to have another crack at it. It wasn't looking good late on when we were five points down, but in fairness to the guys, they showed great resolve, so we'll see what happens on Wednesday."

The Marino chief praised the composure of Diarmuid Connolly, who sent the match to a replay by converting such a high pressure free.

"I had my fingers crossed," said Conroy.

"But Diarmuid has had a great year and, when he was called upon, everybody saw the answer that he gave.

"I have every confidence with things like that. He's a marvellous player, and sure if he missed it, what about it?

"It was all about the effort everybody put in. And as I said, we couldn't have asked anymore from them.

"After a game like that, 80 minutes, bodies are bound to be sore. The guys will have to recover. We'll have a look at things, but we don't have any injury worries."

Paul Curran admitted that Kickhams have a few concerns. "James Burke, Karl Connolly and Dean Rock have knocks and we might have a couple more, but we'll try and patch them up and get ready for Wednesday," said Curran.

"It was hard to take it all in. There was so much happening in the match. We are a little disappointed that we didn't finish it out in the normal time when we were five points ahead with two minutes to go.


"But we are still in it. The fellas showed incredible character to come back a couple of times when they looked dead and buried.

"That was especially so in the second half of normal time when Vincent's scored the first four points, and again in the second half of extra-time when we came back from two points down to lead."

The champions enjoyed a blistering start. "We had planned on that," Curran said, "but there are areas where we need to improve. There are a lot of tired bodies in there, but we'll go again on Wednesday. We'll be here."