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'Weird' feeling says Banner star


BREAK: Aaron Cunningham. Photo: Cody Glenn/Sportsfile

BREAK: Aaron Cunningham. Photo: Cody Glenn/Sportsfile

BREAK: Aaron Cunningham. Photo: Cody Glenn/Sportsfile

Clare star Aaron Cunningham is still getting his head around life without inter-county hurling amid the Coronvirus pandemic, with the Banner forward admitting that there is an "end of season feel" as they sit on the sidelines waiting to return to collective training.

GAA activity is stalled with no date in sight for a restart, given the threat of the Covid-19 outbreak, but Cunningham is confident that "they'll come up with something" to complete the 2020 championship if the outlook improves over the coming months.

Having spent the last two seasons travelling, the 2013 All-Ireland SHC winner was just beginning to settle back into the swing of things under Clare boss Brian Lohan and the 26-year-old acknowledges that it is a "weird" position to be in.

"It is weird. It kind of feels like the end of the season because you're going from training flat out throughout the week and playing games, then it just stops abruptly and that's kind of what happens when you finish up," Cunningham said.

"It's weird that you have to try and tell yourself that it hasn't even started yet and you have to try and keep preparing for it when it feels like you're down the other end of it.

"When you don't have a lad beside you to drive you on or an opponent to beat, it's harder to try and get yourself to improve or get across the line so it'll be a challenge that everyone will face across the country for the next while.

"I've had my break, though. I said to Brian at the start of the year that when I'd give it a go, I'd give it 100 per cent and try everything I could to get back so that'll be the case."