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‘We are no world-beaters’ insists Brogan

THE two-time All Star has been quick to dispel the notion that Dublin see themselves as invincible after blitzing Louth in their quarter-final. And he pointed to their recent erratic league campaign as a valuable lesson in humility.

Nobody’s going to be thinking they’re world-beaters after the first game,” Brogan insisted.

“Every team usually has a good win during the year and after that it was about getting back to work and down to what we do well, which is working for each other. That’s what we’ll be trying to bring into Sunday.

“As we saw during the league, when we try and just go out and play football and think you’re world-beaters, you’ll get beaten.

“In the couple of games that we played well during the league, we worked hard and did what we did last year.

“We learned a good lesson from the league that we’re not a team that can just turn up and be good,” he added.

“That was a good early lesson and hopefully we’ll learn from every game and on Sunday give Wexford the full respect that they deserve.”

Brogan hailed the recent promotion of four Dublin U21s, injecting fresh impetus into the senior set-up.

“There was a hangover throughout the league and a couple of performances were up and down and lads were going through the motions a bit.

“The new lads who have come in have added a pep in the step and upped the intensity of training again.

“These lads have shown they’re not here just to hang around. They want to play football this year and most of them will at some stage,” he predicted.

Leinster Council officials are anticipating a crowd of around 45,000 for Sunday's SFC

semi-final double-header, featuring Meath/Kildare (2.0) and Dublin/Wexford (4.0).