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Ward takes heat off 'Banty'

MEATH midfielder, Mark Ward, has dismissed growing disquiet in the Royal County over the management of Seamus McEnaney and insisted the players have to take responsibility for their own fate ahead of Sunday's relegation derby with Louth.

McEnaney - the first 'outsider' to manage Meath - is under growing pressure after a run of defeats which saw them plunge from the top of Division 2 into a relegation scrap.

"The situation we are in now the players really need to stand up and drive it on and make sure we win this game," said the midfielder. "We couldn't ask for anything more from the management set-up and it's really down to the players now."

LOUTH last night moved to end the row over unpaid expenses to a small number of their senior players and the matter is set to be resolved in the coming days.

GPA delegates Paddy Keenan and Aaron Hoey were set to discuss the issues with board officials after the players had claimed members of the panel had not yet been reimbursed for their mileage claims this year.

"There has never been a problem in the past," explained veteran Darren Clarke who brought the issue to public attention on Twitter. "I'm sure there won't be a problem in the future when we get over this blip."

LIMERICK are holding onto the faint possibility that John Galvin will be able to play some championship football for them this year despite confirmation that the midfielder has sustained further cruciate damage.

"It's severely torn but not completely torn," explained manager, Maurice Horan after results of the MRI scan arrived yesterday. "I wouldn't rule anything out."