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Vins plan the way forward

THE St Vincent's name is among the most famous sporting brands in the country. Few can match the deep pedigree of the club.

A rich history with so many wonderful teams, players and personalities. The pictures on the walls of Páirc Naomh Uinsionn tell all.

Over 200 people were at the club HQ on Sunday evening, and they only had eyes for the future as Vincent's launched their 'Your Club, Your Plan' paper.

The GAA president, Christy Cooney, was the guest speaker, and people left the building with renewed purpose.

The Strategic Plan promises a better tomorrow. "We were happy with how the event went. We see it as a stepping stone," stated the St Vincent's official, Johnny Lambe.

"The future at any GAA club looks bright, but you have to make sure to fulfil your potential, and that's our aim here.

"We produced a document that was started last June. A huge amount of work went into it, 1,000 hours, we reckon.

"We kept at it, made changes, fine-tuned it before we settled on the final document. Now it's all about getting the show on the road."


The action-plan comes under the following headings: Games Development (juvenile and adult), Finance/ Fund-Raising, Facilities, Culture and Community, plus PR and Communication.

Vincent's feel it's crucial to grow and develop these areas for their current and future members. The club held a Forum last June. Many ideas and suggestions came from that. They were discussed and debated in depth.

"By having a plan in place, you'd hope it will help you to go someway towards developing your potential," explains Johnny. "We haven't set out any particular ambitions.

"The main thing is that we keep producing and coaching players in the right way."

Vins are keen to make sure that all members can enjoy an environment that nurtures them both on and off the pitch.

"It's all about giving them the opportunity to get out there and play, and to ensure that they are as well prepared as possible. It's not all about winning championships. We aim to attract more players and members. And to get the parents involved.

"It's about hard work. Getting more volunteers. Nothing comes easy, but it's marvellous to be involved in a club.

"Potentially, the future looks brighter, but it's all about the implementation of the plan. The plan is only good if it's implemented. It's no good sitting on a shelf."