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Tower's Pathway to 'maximise talent' of youth

THE Round Tower Player Pathway Programme will open new roads all around Clondalkin. It forms a central part of the club's five-year strategic plan.

Players develop at different rates, physically and mentally, so the characteristics of the programme are not written in stone.

The Pathway policy declares that "rather than compare your team to what has gone before, members should be more concerned with helping their own unique team to reach its potential in an enjoyable and structured manner.

"Each player should have the resources to reach their own maximum potential whatever that may be over a long period."

Tower's chairman, Tony Delaney (left) is delighted with the initiative: "The Player Pathway is another significant milestone for the club. It will provide great benefits.

"A big thanks is due to all those that worked so diligently to put the plan together."

Those sentiments were echoed by Niall Connaughton, the club's vice-chairman and juvenile chairman.

"It is an exciting development. The Pathway will ensure that we maximise the talent of young people playing Gaelic games in Clondalkin."

Jim Gavin knows a thing or two about motivating and getting the best from his men.