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Tipp supporter bins the Cats in a YouTube spoof

YOU'VE all heard of copycat killers, and copycat kidnappers ... but now a female Tipperary fan has taken 'feline impersonation' to the extreme. Say hello to the copycat cat-binner!

The wanton cruelty of today's world was graphically illustrated last week when a middle-aged woman was 'binned to rights' by CCTV cameras in Coventry. A complete stranger to the owners, she was seen to pick up a pet cat, stroke her affectionately -- then dump her in a wheelie bin before closing the lid and striding off.

What has all this got to do with Sunday's All-Ireland hurling final? Funny you should ask.

The latest YouTube sensation involves another middle-aged woman with a pet hate, only this one is wearing a Tipperary jersey. The 17-second video sequence opens with the sight of a black-and-amber cat sitting on top of a green wheelie bin.

Our Tipp 'tormentor' then enters the frame: she strokes our innocent and unsuspecting feline, looks right and left ... you can guess the rest. Expect, perhaps, the coup de grace which is writ large across the underside of the raised bin lid: "5 in a row my arse!"

Contacted by the Evening Herald, Doctor Dolittle expressed alarm at these copycat attacks while a high-level garda source in the Marble City insisted that they haven't been cat-napping on the job. They have even issued a description of the unfortunate victim: small, furry, not quite real, and far too timid to be the genuine Black-and-Amber article.

* Timorous animal-lovers should obviously refrain but you can watch this horror home movie on www.tipptatler.ie or by googling YouTube, Tipperary woman and cat.