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Tickets warning for fans

SUPPORTERS desperate for a ticket for Sunday’s All-Ireland SFC final have been warned by the GAA not to buy on the black market or risk non-admittance.

With tickets in huge demand for the clash of Dublin and Kerry, they have made their way onto ebay and other sites at vastly inflated prices.

Some have their seat number visible in pictures, meaning they can be tracked back to source and the GAA have confirmed that they are investigating several such leads. In a case where Croke Park can track the point of supply, they will cancel the ticket and re-issue.

“We would completely discourage the buying and selling of tickets over face value,” GAA communications manager Alan Milton told the Herald.

“We would advise people to buy them only from official sources or risk paying over-the-odds for a ticket and then not be admitted to the match.”

A pair of tickets for the Cusack Stand (pictured) are selling on ebay for €510, over six times face value, while “ticket broker” website needaticket.ie are selling premium tickets for €800.