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Three options: Hurling league proposals

OPTION 1 - Six teams with quarter-finals: Three divisions would each be split up into A and B groups of six teams based on the 2013 league finishing positions.

Quarter-finals would be introduced for Div 1, with the first-placed in 1A playing the fourth-placed side in 1B, second in 1A playing third in 1B, third in 1A playing second in 1B and fourth in 1A playing first in 1B.

Teams who have had only two home games in the group stages would have home advantage over a team that has had three home games. If both teams have had a similar number of home games they would toss for home venue. Semi-finals would be played at neutral venues.

In Div 2, there would be A and B finals with the top two placed in each group meeting.

For a 10-team, two-group Div 3, the top two in A and B would meet in separate finals.

OPTION 2 - Six teams retaining status quo from 2012: The option to retain the current format, only one season in operation, will be presented to next month's meeting. As it stands, the winners of the Div 1B final (Clare in 2012) join the top three in Div 1A in semi-finals. The bottom two in each division of six would be relegated but there is no relegation from 2B or promotion to 3A.

OPTION 3 - Eight-team divisions with semi-finals in Div 1 between the top four: This involves seven regular round games for Div 1, 2 and 3 (there are six teams in Div 4A and four in Div 4B). The six Div 1A teams in the 2013 league plus the Div 1B finalists would comprise the new eight team Div 1 in 2014. The bottom-placed team in Div 1 would play the Div 2 champions in a promotion/relegation playoff.