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Temp Head - Thompson letter a vote for

Thompson letter a vote for AFL

AFL Honorary Secretary Noel Kennelly passed on a letter received from John Thompson of Park Celtic which is a fine endorsement of the AFL's Under 19 section.

John Writes: "Just a note of thanks from Park Celtic U19s. Unfortunately, we will probably come up short finishing 2nd or 3rd but we have enjoyed AFL Under 19 this season.

Despite difficulties with weather and teams folding, AFL U19 was well run and well structured.

Particular thanks has to go Bob (Donnolly) who helped greatly with midweek fixtures.

Also a note of thanks to referees, the standard was superb – it's very easy for 19-year-old lads to lose their cool but we didn't have a single flash point during the season.

I'm not sure if or where Park U19s will be next season but I would definitely suggest AFL to other teams in Park Celtic."