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Sweet' eighth title for Richie

TITLE number eight for Ballyboden St Enda's. Richie Sweetnam is the boss-man. On his managerial ticket are John Ryan, Nuala O'Sullivan and Bernard Curtis.

"To be involved in county final day is super, but to come out on the right side of the result is even better again," stated Richie.

"It's a brilliant feeling to have won it. It was tough, hard camogie all the way through. Fantastic stuff from both sides.

"St Vincent's were exceptional in the first half. They pinned us right back. They were playing really, really well.

"We might have made life a little bit easier on ourselves if we had taken a couple of goal chances in that first half.

"Maybe we were a bit nervous going out. But at half-time we managed to settle things down a bit. We didn't say all that much, but the girls were just superb in the second half.

"Everybody gave it their all. They fought for every ball as if they were going to die for the jersey. And we managed to keep things ticking over by getting the scores."

And, when it mattered most, it was 'Boden's craft and experience that got the result. Ciara Lucey made a notable contribution when she came off the bench.

She showed Specsavers vision up front, a little pass there, a simple flick here, opening windows at every turn.

"In the end, we managed to grind it out, but fair play to Vincent's for putting it up to us like that," added Richie.

"I saw their potential last year. You could sense they were a coming team, and they have a fine management structure there, led by Shane Dalton, a real gentleman. He has worked wonders. The future looks good for St Vincent's."

Boden will now prepare for the Leinster campaign where they'll meet the winners of Oulart the Ballagh (Wexford) and Mullinavat (Kilkenny).