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Sutcliffe tips former boss Daly for success in 'perfect' new Treaty county role


Danny sutcliffe

Danny sutcliffe

Danny sutcliffe

DANNY Sutcliffe feels that Anthony has found himself an "ideal" role as Limerick's director of underage hurling.

Yesterday, the Treaty county board confirmed the Dublin manager as Jerry Wallace's replacement in the job, which will see him take charge of underage coaching in the country, from Under 14 level up to minor.

Daly will also serve as a coach to the 2015 Limerick minor team, containing a handful of the side that lost this year's All-Ireland final to Kilkenny.

"Hurling-wise, he could take any level," said Sutcliffe, who has given his Dublin senior debut by Daly in 2012.


"Whether it's his own Under 15 team in Clarecastle or a senior team.

"That age group, particularly at minor, there are different attractions pulling them different ways.

"So his effect on their lifestyle would be massive. You could see it with the young lads coming onto our team, the effect he had on them.

The St Jude's man added: "I think he would be perfect anyway, to get a load of 16, 17, 18 year olds and mould them.

"It's ideal really. The perfect thing for him to get back involved.

"As he said in the book, it's like a drug for him. So he was only going to stay away from it for a small while.

"He's back involved so I'd say he's delighted. And it's not a three hour trip so he's able to do it more easily."

Asked whether he thought Clare's frequently sparky rivalry with Limerick might have perturbed Daly, Sutlciffe said: "Wherever there's a hurl, he'll go.

"He even went down to Kerry.

"And it's just the perfect age group. They don't realise yet what sort of effect he'll have on their lifestyle.

"And they've been coming good in the last year or two, the Limerick minors.

"Yeah, it's perfect for him at the moment."

On the subject of Daly's recently published autobiography, entitled Dalo, Sutcliffe said he had no problem with the book, despite the revealing nature of the passages pertaining to his final season in charge in the capital.

"Everybody saw how bad we were last season so we didn't need a book to clarify that," Sutcliffe reasoned.

"I've spoken to one or two of my mates in the club who have read it and they enjoyed it.

"It's like being back in the room with him chatting to us. I didn't know what way it was going to go. Maybe it would have been better had the year been a bit better, a bit of an easier read.

"But I thought it was good, yeah."

On the subject of the 'manufactured hurlers' barb which followed Dublin's poor Ctampionship exit, Sutcliffe stressed: "A very good Cork team last year nearly won the All-Ireland. And when we do do it and we're on form, we are as good as there is out there.

"I don't think we're manufactured. But it's up to ourselves to prove that. It obviously is highlighted when you have a summer like we had. But no one was saying it the year before."