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Sutcliffe: I wouldn't go back if I thought we were finished

"EVERYONE has their own opinion," says Danny Sutcliffe, sounding very much like he wouldn't give tuppennce for any of them.

"It doesn't bother me. But you wouldn't go back if you didn't think you were going to do anything. Every team is thinking that way.

"The thing I take satisfaction from so far is, there's a good buzz in the panel. A lot of lads are getting a shot, so you've no excuse if you're not picked.

"You're starting to see … like Mark Schutte was the best player on the pitch last week. Eamonn Dillon at 11, against DIT he got 1-5 from play.

"So we have a few lads pushing on and we need that. We can't keep depending on the same lads all the time.


"Whether we do well or not, we're just going to take it a game at a time. We're not about to start worrying about what people are saying about us or writing about us.

"Ger (Cunningham) has put a superb backroom team together and a great set-up. So it's up to ourselves to do it on match days."

Sutcliffe's natural setting is energetic buoyancy so it's no surprise to find him dismissing the view of Dublin as some long-term project for Ger Cunningham, surrounded - as he apparently is - by the dark rubble of 2014.

"We didn't perform that well so you have to look for something," Sutcliffe adds. "There must have been something wrong. But we just didn't perform. That's our own fault. It was nothing to do with managers or schedules. And we've been guilty of that before.

"It's like any team, when we're going well … once you have the certainty within the group, it doesn't really matter. You just have to pick yourself up and go again."

Of Galway, Dublin's rivals for a Walsh Cup title this evening, Sutcliffe notes: "There is a small bit of rivalry. We seem to play them a good bit. But like us, their panel is changing now as well. I was looking at their starting line-up last weekend.

"He's like us. Experimenting and trying to find new faces. Saturday will be interesting but I suppose the League will be less shadow boxing really.

"It has gone both ways between the two teams. We beat them in the Leinster final, then they gave us an awful beating down there in the League.

"But Galway or not, for the new faces to get a run out in Croker is great. We only have the Cork game (in the League) in Croke Park and then it's Galway in the (Leinster) opener."

"It's a great chance for us. A lot of our lads have the legs for Croker now as well. You see Mark Schutte and Eamonn Dillon in the half-forward line.

"It will be great to see them open themselves up and not come in cold to a League game or a Championship game."