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Strawberry Yields Forever?

WEXFORD have nearly felled two years running and try again on Sunday, Frank Roche charts their recent rivalry

THE last month has seen lots of nostalgic reminiscence about Euro ’88 - a welcome distraction from Ireland’s grim second coming on European soccer’s premier stage.

That memorable German odyssey has been summarised as follows: the Republic won a match they should have lost (England), drew a match they should have won (Soviet Union) and lost a match they should have drawn (Holland).

Which brings us to the Wexford footballers and their three most recent championship collisions with Dublin.

Jason Ryan’s three defeats on the bounce doesn’t quite match Big Jack’s record at the Euros; but there are similarities. In summary, Wexford lost a match they should have lost - by 23 points.

Then they drew a match they should have won, only to lose in extra-time. And finally, last summer, they lost a match they could have drawn.

Thanks to Wim Kieft’s spinning dagger through Irish hearts, the Republic never got a chance to put the record straight at Euro ’88 ... but Wexford have been afforded another shot at their Sky Blue nemesis this Sunday.

Is it possible they could finally win a match - against the Dubs - that everyone presumes they will lose?