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Silence is deafening over Dubs v Armagh incident

SO, in the end, Davy Byrne, victim of an outrageous pre-game assault by an opposition player in a recent challenge game between Dublin and Armagh, did not play in the Leinster final against Westmeath.

Did the Armagh player involved play in their latest championship game? We think so, but it's not confirmed because the 'zipped lips' approach to GAA discipline has kicked in.

As in, not a murmur from any of the principals in Dublin, Armagh and Croke Park.

Is the CCCC actually disbanded or just does not bother with inter-county discipline and concentrates on fixtures instead?

There is talk they have 'reopened' their investigation but we'll see….

Big deal? Let's move on then.

Which is more or less what the following eight parties want us all to do: Davy Byrne (Dublin), the Armagh player involved, Jim Gavin (Dublin manager), Kieran McGeeney (Armagh manager), Dublin GAA officials, Armagh GAA officials, Croke Park officials and a loose enough grouping which we'll just call 'the lads who joined the mill'.

If you wanted an example of why the GAA is often accused of a soft underbelly when it comes to on and off field violence (especially when challenge games are involved), then you need to look no further.

I note also that the referee involved, Fergal Kelly (Longford), who I understand from various reports, failed to mention the incident in his match report, was allowed to referee a championship inter-county game last weekend (Derry v Wexford).

And Croke Park will tell you they can do nothing about the incident if details are not in the referees report?

It is beyond doubt that the referee knows a serious incident took place.

And meanwhile the GAA at official level keeps silent.

I'm beginning to think there was no incident at all and somebody just put out a story. Awful messers out there.

They nearly had us believing something actually happened.