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Seven days, seven jerseys -- Dubs fan reveals pre-match superstition

FOOTBALLERS are not the only ones with pre-match rituals.

Proud Dubs fans will be sticking to their superstitious traditions to ensure the Blues bring out the magic against Kerry in the All- Ireland final.

Cabra-native Nigel McCarthy is a die-hard follower of his county team and believes that as long as he carries out his pre-match traditions, Gilroy's men will win.

"Everyday for seven days in the run up to the match, I have to wear a GAA jersey, in the exact same order each time.

"From the Monday before a match I wear a different Blues strip -- it doesn't matter how important the match -- if I don't do it they could lose," he told the Herald.

A man with a whopping 15 Dubs jerseys, 43-year-old Nigel begins his ritual with his 2002 jersey -- and works in chronological order of players' strips released over the years.

"Basically, I start on the Monday before in the white training strip. On Tuesday it's the 2002 kit, Wednesday the 2004 shirt, Thursday I'm in 2006 and so on."

When match day arrives, Nigel sports his prized 2010 shirt, the latest one to hit the shelves. Storing his freshly cleaned shirts in a designated section of his wardrobe, Nigel -- who has been a firm fixture in the stands since 1978 -- took up his quirky tradition over eight years ago.

"I see it as a good luck charm for the team -- if I missed out one day there'd be complete panic, it would definitely be a bad omen for the next match in my mind."

Nigel is hoping to head to Croker for the Championship decider with his Finglas-born pal Jonathan Wosser -- who also has certain superstitions.

"Another friend of mine has to put two flags up in the back garden on his shed the morning of the match," Nigel laughed.

Meanwhile, Glenda Vaughn (38) can't cheer on her county unless she has completed her series of rituals beforehand.

"I get the papers first thing, make breakfast and the iron the jerseys, in that order," the mum-of-two said.