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Senan Kilbride: Evans right to talk big


Senan Kilbride

Senan Kilbride

Senan Kilbride

SENAN Kilbride has backed John Evans' optimistic prognosis of the current trajectory of Roscommon football.

In not only bucking, but totally buckling the trend for modern GAA managers, a bullish Evans said his team could win All-Ireland within "a couple of year," immediately after their Allianz League Division 2 final win over Down two weeks back.

"He's putting that message out a good bit. But inside the dressing-room he's very positive about our chances of progressing this year and over the next couple of years into a very competitive team in the All-Ireland," Kilbride (right) confirmed.

"Yeah, he has that aspiration for us and it's great. He knows what it takes to win coming from Kerry.

"He sees the talent that is here in Roscommon and he believes that we have the talent and commitment to make it to that All-Ireland.

"That is the dream. Hopefully we can fulfil it at some stage."

Kilbride was yesterday named Opel/GPA Footballer of the month for April, having been Man of the Match in the Division 2 final, and admits to being surprised at Evans' very public pledge but similarly, welcomed his manager's naked optimism.

"I think everyone was a bit surprised when he said it, but fair play to him," the St Brigid's forward stressed.

"He's just putting it out there. It's what he believes and he's not trying to cod anyone.

"I know when we (St brigid's) won a club championship in Roscommon it was on TG4, it was 2010, and our captain came out and the commentator asked him about where he wanted to go this year.

"And he said he wanted to go to the All-Ireland Final. Everyone said, 'what's that about, a Roscommon team that's just won a county championship talking about going to an All-Ireland Final?'

"And we got to the All-Ireland Final that year.

"So it's no harm putting it out there as long as you can back it up with the work-rate," concluded the 29-year-old.