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Same old question over Mayo

Granted, Galway's fouling was ineffective and clumsy in Salthill that day but how else do you stop a man of Aidan O'Shea's (inset) size and strength, especially from his now more advanced role in Mayo's full-forward line?

Perhaps you don't need so many stylish forwards when so much ball goes directly through O'Shea and his influence on his team is beginning to look Michael Murphy-esque, particularly when he drops back to provide another option on kickouts.

Only marginally second in importance to Mayo is Cillian O'Connor and his ability/luck in avoidance of injuries is paramont.

Regardless of the quality of the individuals in question, Mayo aren't going to last the pace if they continue to leave their full-back line so isolated as they were against Galway that day.

Tyrone are the pick of the teams they might meet in the quarter-finals meet should they do the needy in Dr Hyde Park on Sunday against Sligo and as such, may not be fully examined prior to an All-Ireland semi-final.

KEY QUESTION: Can they win in September?

It's unkind to lump this Mayo team with the baggage of their predecessors but most of the panel have played in, and lost, two All-Ireland finals in the past four years

So until they win one, they'll never be far from the question of 'Can they win in September?'..