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Safe money on Kerry to see off Tribes

MOST pundits agree that Kerry, even without the brilliant and irreplaceable Colm Cooper, are better than we thought. But, in truth, nobody is certain they are as good as they looked in the Munster final. Cork were simply abysmal that day.

We have also concluded that Galway are better than we thought, but again, are unsure about how good they might yet turn out to be this season.

Strangely enough, the men who set the odds (and you rarely see these men on bicycles) don't agree that the underdogs Galway (10/3) can get anywhere near the favourites Kerry (2/7). Sunday will tell the tale.

I've seen Galway 'live', as Bill O'Herlihy himself might say, and they have improved each time. In winning down in Sligo they were competent; losing to Mayo was a better effort and somewhat unlucky perhaps and defeating Tipp last Saturday underlined their potential. They will improve further this weekend but hardly by enough.

Kerry looked brilliant last day out having been decent when they accounted for Clare earlier. I really am unsure of their current status vis a vis Championship 2104 but the safe money will be placed on them. This game might turn out to be a lot tighter than many think but ultimately, like the Mayo v Cork game, it will go with the favourites.

So, another good weekend for the bookies boys? Looks that way from here.