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Ryan's advice to players: Bite the bullet and get on with it


Ryan O'Dwyer. Photo: Sportsfile

Ryan O'Dwyer. Photo: Sportsfile

Ryan O'Dwyer. Photo: Sportsfile

Ryan O'Dwyer says Dublin are better off without players bringing a negative attitude or personal grievances with Ger Cunningham and his management to the camp.

Speaking at the launch of the Kilmacud Crokes Hurling Sevens, O'Dwyer was asked whether the current squad would welcome back some of those players who have opted out of the panel.

"Well, it's up to them. If they can contribute then brilliant, yeah, I'd love them back, but if they can't, if they take from it, or are negative, then I think we're better off without them.

"If they feel aggrieved, bite the bullet and get on with it or if they feel they're being frowned upon or something being done to them, well then just get on with it.


"People that have a problem with Ger," O'Dwyer went on, "and there are people out there that have a problem with him - if you're working a job and you've a problem with your manager, you f***in' get on with it and try harder.

"If you have a manager and there's a personal issue there or anything like that, you get the head down and get on with it.

"Because, at the end of the day, we're playing for Dublin hurling, we want Dublin hurling to succeed."

"Every player that wants to win for Dublin hurling wants to be there," added O'Dwyer, "with no personal agenda.

"And I think that has to be put forward."