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Ryan knows there's more to Dubs than Connolly

Darragh Ó Sé wrote a very interesting piece in The Irish Times last Wednesday where he felt the need to pass on some friendly advice to Jason Ryan before Sunday's game with Dublin.

Jason, forget all the stuff you have been working on over the last few months. All you need to do on Sunday is rattle a certain cage and all will be okay!

Diarmuid Connolly is a terrific footballer and capable of magic. He has also matured over the years as all players do and is no longer the easy target for opposing players. Jason Ryan and every other manager knows that this Dublin team have more than one "franchise" player and on a day when one might be curtailed the others could go to town.

I think "sledging" has replaced other means used in the past to stop players but I think the modern player can handle the verbal abuse. Connolly certainly won't be intimidated.