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Rivals should ease off on 'Dub focus'


Kildare’s Cian O’Neill (SPORTSFILE)

Kildare’s Cian O’Neill (SPORTSFILE)

Kildare’s Cian O’Neill (SPORTSFILE)

The pretenders to Dublin's Leinster throne need to stop worrying about Sky Blue invincibility and focus on themselves.

That's the belief of Cian O'Neill as he gears up to lead Kildare - distant second favourites for the Delaney Cup - into Leinster SFC combat with Wexford on Saturday, May 21 (Croke Park, 5.15).

The year-one boss conceded that Dublin are an ominous championship presence, "and in Leinster more so because some of the other contenders are outside Leinster - your Kerrys, Mayos, Tyrones.

"They're blazing a trail but it's up to the other counties, ourselves included, really to focus on what we're doing and hope we can get better at it.

"Sometimes I feel too many people worry about what Dublin have and what they don't. Really, they should be focused about how they can improve their own shop and house.

"Whoever plays Dublin, you know what you're up against and in fairness it's a credit to Jim (Gavin), his management team and the players, because they've done it consistently.

"But in each sport," he added, "everything goes in cycles, no more than Leicester at the moment. People were talking about five-in-a-row with Dublin a couple of years ago and they got caught on the hop by Donegal. So it's up to every other team to see if they can produce another performance like Donegal that day."

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