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Recognition of the names who built the game in the capital

IT was nice to see the red carpet being rolled out for the presidents of Leinster and the association.

Bill Daly has been a Leinster Leader for years. His work with Ballyboden St Enda's has been heroic.

All the success they enjoyed began in his orchard. Boden became the best team in Dublin, and Ireland.

Bill had two terms as Leinster supremo, 2000 to 2002 and 2006 to 2008. He has seen the game flourish. And he played no small part.

Walter Thompson was also among those honoured. He had the top seat from 1997 to 1999. Wally has also done marvellous work.

Both gents saw Dublin football at the early stage. The birth of the Jackies was a long way into the distance.


Their influence and steady hand helped nourish the sport to what it is today.

Vision and solid leadership paved the way.

Brendan Dardis was also among the chosen few. He has served Dublin football well, on and off the pitch. Today, he manages the Royals.

All three Dubs made a major impact on the game. And that's so true of Helen O'Rourke, who was also there in the cradle days.

She was the Association President from 1994 to 1996. Helen has seen so many changes, and she has had a big role in most of them.

Today, she's CEO of the Association. She presides over an empire. And an ever expanding one in the town she loves so well.

It's people like Helen, Bill, Wally and Brendan that have helped to build the house.

And as far as the development of Ladies Football is concerned, Dublin can proudly take their place among the nations of the world.


p The Application Forms for the All-Ireland Sevens on the weekend of the All Ireland are available on www.ladiesgaelic.ie.

p The latest edition of PEIL magazine is now on sale at Tescos.

p Some good ideas came out of the County Board's meeting last Tuesday -- more details to follow soon.

p The next round of the Aisling McGing Cup takes place on Sunday next, August 2. More details on the website.

p Dublin Ladies Gaelic will open an Office on a full time basis in mid August. Details will be circulated to Clubs and will be on the website.