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Race against time as weather plays havoc

Over the past two weeks, sporting events around the country have suffered due to the big freeze -- and school sports are no different.

With many schools unable to open, a host of events, both indoor and outdoor, have been postponed. However, the biggest losers are obviously Gaelic games and rugby, which have both seen a spate of fixtures called off.

It means that there will be a race against time to get all the games played in 2011.

For Dublin Schools GAA officer Tom O'Donnell, this is a whole new experience.

"This is unprecedented in my time involved in the schools fixtures," he said.

"Usually bad weather means flooded pitches, but there are always alternatives to find in that situation because of the abundance of all-weather facilities in Dublin. However the snow brings a whole new dimension.

"As well as the obvious difficulty of finding pitches, the safety of schools travelling to and from games is also a major issue."

Mr O'Donnell did add he was hopeful at least one round of the Leinster Colleges Football Championships could be played before the Christmas break.

Rugby has also suffered and Leinster Branch Schools Officer Anne McInerney echoed the sentiments of her GAA counterpart.

"We are hoping to clear some of the back log next week but apart from the snow there are a whole host of factors that have to be considered," she said.

"Schools are coming up to their house exams before Christmas and even when the ice begins to melt, there is no guarantee that pitches will be safe."

The McMullen and Duff Cup finals, and numerous league semi-finals, were due to take place over the past fortnight but have all been postponed.