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Problem with hips often root of woe

GROIN injuries can really hold back a player performing to his full potential.

Dublin footballer Paul Flynn pulled out of this year's NFL Final with a groin issue and was in a race against time to get back for the opening round of the Leinster Championship.

Your groin/pelvis is the centre of the body with six muscles attached on either side, extending down the inside of the leg.

Groin injuries can be divided into two types, (1) insertional or up near the pelvis and (2) muscular (along the muscle belly).

These injuries are generally easy to treat with a 3-5 week lay-off with some functional rehab.

Insertional groin injuries generally develop over a long period of time and these are the ones that players tend to manage and play on with through the season, but ultimately we now see a lot of players going for operations in the off season.

I find with a lot of groin patients it can be a lack of movement in one or both of the hip joints that caused one or both groin muscles to be overloaded.

I use leg activities like side lunging or leg deadlifts to identify an imbalance between both hips.

Once this imbalance or difference is identified, we can start taking steps to minimise this imbalance.

I find a lot of persistent groin patients never actually identify the cause leading to constant recurring pain which can often unfortunately shorten a player's career.