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Power: Rice will hurl for Cats again next year


Richie Power, Kilkenny

Richie Power, Kilkenny

Richie Power

Richie Power


Richie Power, Kilkenny

RICHIE Power is adamant that Michael Rice will make a return for Kilkenny next year.

His Carrickshock clubmate has endured a dispiriting few years of inter-county inactivity, having established himself as one of Brian Cody's preferred midfielders along with Michael Fennelly prior to 2012.

Most recently, Rice ruptured his cruciate ligament before the start of this year's Championship, ruling him out for the year.

Previously, he suffered major damage to his hand in the All-Ireland hurling semi-final, an injury which itself threatened his career.

"Michael will do everything to the book and I reckon you will see a different Michael Rice next year," said Power, when asked whether he expected Rice to join the Kilkenny senior exodus which currently stands at five retirees from this year's All-Ireland winning panel.

"That's the way Michael is and fitness wise there won't be a question when Michael comes back.


"Obviously, look, he hasn't hurled in so long it's going to take a while to get back into the swing of things.

"But I think when he does I'd say you could see a different Michael Rice when he comes back.

"Michael Rice, in fairness, even with the cruciate gone, he was such an inspiration inside in the panel,

"He was there every night, he was looking at the way training was going and if guys needed advice or anything like that he was there.

"He was top class on that side of things.

'A good few of the guys have come back from a cruciate, it's not easy, it's a horrendous injury.

"Knowing Michael I think he will come back stronger than ever," concluded Power.