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Plunkett's have Sars in their eyes



THOMAS DAVIS gave Lucan a test in O'Toole Park. Mick Bohan expected that.

Mick used to be manager on the Kiltipper Road. The Bohan Bible was written all over the Crumlin turf. Both sides brought their fountain pens.

Afterwards, Mick reflected on how hard it is to reach the last four of Dublin football. He talked of players like Mick Casey who in 17 years, has only made two semi-finals.

Mick also well knows that advancing to the semi-final is one thing. Winning the semi is another. Last year, Lucan fell heavily to Plunkett's at the quarter-final stage. That result won't be lost in the team talk.

Lucan play productive, pacey football. One of their best championship nights came in 2009 when they toppled the mighty Crokes, who were All-Ireland champions at the time.

When the entire choir hit the right notes, Lucan can be very formidable opposition indeed.


This term, Stephen O'Shaughnessy is turning in some royal command performances in the number six shirt.

His left peg can spread the play like strawberry jam. He was a very influential figure in last Saturday's quarter-final.

Many a Lucan attack came from his vision. David Quinn struck some delightful points. He's a superb footballer.

Paul Casey is another heart-beat of the side. Mark Twomey is a diligent midfielder, and there's the finishing school of Tommy Brennan and the Gallaghers, Dermot and Brendan.

Plunkett's have a few gifted individuals of their own.

They had to graft to overcome St Vincent's in Parnell Park.

Ross McConnell was Lord of the Donnycarney Manor. He created both goals, the first coming from David Matthews and the second from Jayo. There's just no curbing that old Jayo magic.

But it was two crucial saves at the other end from Philip Brogan that was the talk of the Navan Road on Saturday night.

Philip is a class custodian. And in a very rich era for Dublin number ones, he sits comfortably in the boardroom of the Dublin Goalkeepers' Union.

Plunkett's are hoping that Alan Brogan will have recovered from his knee problem. Bernard was at the centre of the debate against Vincent's.

Plunkett's have been edging ever nearer to the jackpot. They have such a depth of talent. The likes of Michael Brides, Conor Evans and Paul Brogan in the back garden.


And then so much invention further up the field with Nesty, Anthony Moyles and Adrian D'Arcy to the fore.

Lucan will empty the tank. Mick Galvin will ask the same. Two Michaels who know their football and who understand the sweat it takes to row the boat ashore. On a big championship semi-final day, as Adam and the Ants would say, you have to stand and deliver.