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Please don't go

ALL-IRELAND winning centre-back Ger Brennan believes "continuity is the key" to Dublin's future football success - and that's why he is desperate for Pat Gilroy to stay on as manager.

Brennan has played alongside Gilroy on an All-Ireland winning St Vincent's team and now has been managed by his clubmate to the inter-county pinnacle.

But with Mickey Whelan having already signalled his departure as Sky Blue coach, speculation about the manager's future remains rife. Brennan has now joined the debate.

“I have always said that the commitment managers give is even greater than the players," he told the Evening Herald.

“Myself and all the lads would respect Giller's decision if he does decide to go. He has a young family and his work is also important to him.

“But I really hope he carries on. If we want to achieve even greater success, continuity may be the key. He helped to create the strong bond that exists between the players.”