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Pat to put his boot in

PAT GILROY is putting the boots back on. He'll be turning out for the Dublin Masters.

"That's if we pick him," quips Wayne Daly. Wayne is on the Master's management with Joe McNally, Shay Keogh and Fran McCann.

The Fab Four have already assembled quite a strong squad, but they are still on the look-out for more recruits.

"Ideally, we'd be looking for fellas who are still playing competitive football. You have to be aged 40 in this calendar year," explains Wayne.

"We have 34 players already, but we want another ten to 15 names. We aim to have as strong a squad as possible in order to do well in the competition."

The tournament will begin at the end of August and it will run till October. Details haven't been finalised yet, but ten counties will be taking part. It will be either one group of ten or two groups of five.

"There will be some decent sides in it. You'll have the likes of Tyrone, Donegal, Mayo, Leitrim, Cavan and Longford. And there has been talk of Cork and Kerry.

"The standard will be high. You'll have top footballers. The games are always very entertaining. Players don't waste the ball."

One player who still has remarkable fitness is Paul Clarke and he will be once again pulling on the blue shirt.

The Rolls Royce of half-backs, Paul Curran, has also signed up, as has one of the best high fielding full-forwards the game has seen, the great Vinnie Murphy.

Other highly-regarded individuals include Niall Guiden, Brian Barnes, Declan Barnes, John Nolan, Jason Ward, 'Nipper' McNally and Jimmy Owens. And as they still say around Bohernabreena, 'There is no show like a Joe Show'.

"We'll prepare well. We'll have a few training sessions and we'll be playing challenge matches. The feedback so far has been very encouraging," outlines Wayne.

"You can have as many in the panel as you want, but you can only name 25 players on match-day. The possibility of playing mid-week is also there."

A couple of matches against Australia are also being lined up. But be warned – even in challenge matches, giving away the ball is just not in the script.

p To join Dublin footballing Masters, contact Joe McNally (086-8114779), Wayne Daly (086-9194361), Shay Keogh (086-8200375), Fran McCann (085-2424146).