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Panel quick to hail hat-trick hero King Lar

The Tipperary hurlers of 2010 will enjoy the same accolade as the Offaly footballers of 1982 as the team who stopped a juggernaut.

If Liam Sheedy's squad never win another All-Ireland -- which is highly unlikely - they will go down in the annals as the team that would not bend to history.

It started out as a day of destiny for the greatest team of all time. It ended as the renaissance of the Premier County, a former superpower, newly dressed as the All-Ireland champions for the first time in nine years.

Ger Loughnane had first bite at the big apple: "Following the defeat in Cork, which rid them of any notions of grandeur, what they are since is a really genuine team. You can have all the plans and all the tactics you like, but you cannot beat heart where you absolutely tear into it as hard as you can. Every man fights for every ball. Sometimes things will go wrong but, you will get the breaks.

"Today, they got the breaks. They fought manfully in the tradition of the great Tipperary teams of the past. So did Kilkenny. They didn't give up without a fight.


"But on the day, Tipp were the better team. (They) fought harder. They had the conviction. They believed they could beat Kilkenny and that was such a massive factor," he said.

As Kilkenny rolled forward midway through the second-half, it looked like the giants were growing into the game. It would take all the powers of the giant-killers to resist their force. Tipp would have to hold their composure in a way they couldn't last year.

"They didn't panic," started Tomas Mulcahy. "Even in the second-half period, when Kilkenny were coming at them in waves, there was ball after ball rained down on top of them, but they put their bodies on the line. They put their foot on it (the sliothar). They put their hurleys in there."

Basically, by hook or by crook, Tipperary were not going to go under like they did 12 months ago.

When they got into the lead, they managed to stay there through unyielding defence and the goal-poaching instincts of hat-trick man Lar Corbett.

"They mentioned King Henry, you'll have King Larry now because he is a joy to watch. He is a fantastic player. His vision is just incredible and his strike rate in front of goal is brilliant," added Mulcahy.