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O'Shea unconcerned with Tipp's inconsistency as they see off Galway


Tipperary manager Eamon O'Shea

Tipperary manager Eamon O'Shea

Tipperary manager Eamon O'Shea

"MAKE no judgements until the ball speeds up," said Eamon O'Shea, by way of ending his post-match press conference with a little lesson for those present.

"Then," he added, "make all the judgements you want."

Predictably enough, the line of questioning that the Tipperary manager (inset) had been pressed into answering involved the seven-day turnaround from a flop of a performance in Parnell Park to yesterday's 2-18 to 0-20 win over Galway in Thurles.

Asked what he had done differently in the days preceding either game, O'Shea was stoic...and just a little prophetic.

"Nothing," he asserted. "You don't do things differently when you're doing the right thing."

And so, players like Jason Forde, for whom the application of a banjo to a cow's hide seemed above his range of abilities in Donnycarney, found his sweet spot early and remained there all day.

Séamus Callanan, whose touch was slippery and imprecise a week before, scored an inventive and effective flick-and-volley point, the score of the League thus far.

And hurlers like Pádraic Maher and Kieran Bergin, muted against Dublin to the point of irrelevance, were dominant in all they surveyed.

"In fairness when you don't play well, you have to call it, you don't play well," O'Shea mused.

"Some days you don't mean not to play well. We went out last Sunday and we expected to play well which we just didn't.

"We didn't do anything differently this week to be honest with you. Maybe they worked a bit harder before the Dublin game.

"Had a tough week in terms of where our schedule was. I wouldn't say that had anything to do with it."

Galway had their moment, too, such as a six-point flutter before lining up in the home stretch, a sequence that brought them from nine points in arrears to just three.

But similarly, they also had two points banked from their first League outing and perhaps, not the same motivation.

Nor, more pertinently, had they the cunning of the likes of 'Bubbles' O'Dwyer and Callanan, magic from which to conjure goals.

"A young team, young players, they have to take the learning point from that," Anthony Cunningham insisted,

"You're going to get your chances," he continued, "and when you get those chances you have to be cool under pressure."


SCORERS - Tipperary: S Callanan 1-3 (0-2f), J O'Dwyer 1-1, K Bergin, J Forde 0-3 each, J McGrath 0-2, D Gleeson (f), R Maher, G Ryan, D Maher, B Maher, C Kenny 0-1 each . Galway: J Flynn 0-4 (3f, 1 '65), J Cooney, C Mannion 0-3 each, A Smith (f), J Regan, P Brehony 0-2 each, J Glynn, D Molloy, I Tannian 0-1 each, C Barret 0-1 (own point).

TIPPERARY: D Gleeson; C Barrett, P Curran, C O'Brien; M Breen, P Maher, R Maher; K Bergin, G Ryan; D Maher, J Forde, B Maher; J O'Dwyer, S Callanan, J McGrath. Subs: J Woodlock for Ryan (h-t), C Kenny for D Maher (42 inj), N McGrath for J McGrath (54), J Meagher for Bergin (70).

Galway: C Callanan; J Coen, J Hanbury, P Mannion; G McInerney, D Collins, I Tannian; J Cooney, A Smith; P Brehony, C Mannion, D Higgins; J Regan, J Flynn, J Glynn. Subs: K Hynes for Brehony (43), G Lally for Higgins (47), B Molloy for Regan (51), A Harte for Glynn (69).

WIDES Tipperary: 10 (7 + 3). Galway: 7 (2 + 5).

BOOKED Tipperary: 1 (O'Dwyer 58). Galway: 1 (Regan 18 ).

REF: J McGrath (Westmeath).

ATTENDANCE: (4,176 Est.)

MAN OF THE MATCH: Pádraic Maher.