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O’Neill support for return of sin-bin

LIAM O'Neill has indicated his intention of re-introducing the sin-bin at inter-county level in his inauguration speech after taking over from Christy Cooney as GAA President.

The Laois official was central in establishing the sin-bin on an experimental level in 2009, a rule which only failed to garner the two-thirds majority needed for rule changes by two per cent.

O’Neill explained he would shortly put together a committee to update the 2009 model but the principle whereby a yellow carded player is be replaced by a substitute would remain. “It won’t be my show this time. We came very near to getting it through, but we didn’t.

“The thing has moved on anyway. I would like a fresh look and new people to take this on,” he added.

“I think in any disciplinary system from now we will be looking at making sure the person who is wrong pays.”

O’Neill also intimated the disciplinary process could be streamlined.

At present, the CCC, CHC and CAC are all involved in a case where a player chooses to exhaust each avenue of appeal, although DRA cases have plummeted in number this year. “I think the idea of the appeals group, having one shot at it, is something that should be looked at,” he suggested while also adding that Gaelic football had become “borning”.


“The defensiveness of the game at the moment and the over-use of the handpass is slowing it down and it’s boring,” O'Neill insisted.

“It’s not what our supporters want, we like physical contact and we like the game moving forward.”

CAVAN Gaels have thrown the latest obstacle in the way of Seánie Johnston’s bid to move to Kildare. His home club had originally decided not to contest the transfer, instead reluctantly sanctioning his switch to Kildare outfit, St Kevin’s, but his latest request arrived in Croke Park with concerns raised by both Gaels and the Cavan County Board over the move.

The new CCCC are not due to meet until this day next week when Johnston’s case will be heard although it appears the player has no intention of resurrecting his Cavan career, despite Val Andrew’s exit as manager.