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Olaf's past is reborn

THE 30-year history of Naomh Olaf was launched in their clubhouse on Saturday night, 'Treasured Memories.'

Helping it to set sail were the president of the GAA, Christy Cooney, the Dublin County Board CEO, John Costello, and the legendary Jack O'Shea.

Jacko is a regular at Olafs. He plays golf there. Like all, he was deeply impressed with the production.

The book was two years in the making ... and it shows. It's a beautiful hardback publication and it's decorated with many charming tales and pictures that will reel back the years.

All avenues of the club are covered, on and off the pitch. It stretches to almost 400 pages.

Paying tribute to its editor-in-chief, Brendan McGlynn, club chairman, Liam Kavanagh, said: "It was a labour of love.

"Brendan is steeped in the GAA from his roots in Leitrim. He was a founder member here. He held every position in the club. He was PRO for 15 years, and he kept such pristine records.

"He was the same in his working life as a garda. They say his records down at the Rathmines station are the best in the country. If you think you've got away with no light on your bike, forget it."

Treasured Memories is priced at ¤20, and is available from the Naomh Olaf club. For more information see www.naomholaf.ie