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O'Flynn has page-turner for President

LATER this month, there will be a meeting of the presidents.

The camogie chief, Joan O'Flynn

(pictured), will be travelling to Aras An Uachtarain. She'll be accompanied by a camogie delegation. And they'll have a special present for the poet.

Michael D will receive a bound copy of 'A Game of our Own, Camogie's Story.'

It will sit well in the Aras library. He'll enjoy the read. It was written by Mary Moran.

Every home should have one. Mary's book tour continues this month. It has been selling well.

Michael D's new residence is only a line-ball away from what was the hub of Dublin camogie.

And he'll be charmed to hear that the famous old arena is sparkling again with its new pavilion.

The Phoenix Park camogie grounds are steeped in history. And Michael D loves his history.

Maybe one day, in the still of the evening, he might compose a little ditty about Dublin's Crystal Palace. The Saw Doctors are waiting.