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O'Dowd slams 'one-trick analyst'

MICK O'Dowd (left) has hit back at Martin McHugh, branding the Donegal pundit "a one trick analyst."

McHugh was highly critical of O'Dowd's team after their Leinster quarter-final victory over Wicklow, stressing that he was "very fearful for Meath."

"Maybe through the Celtic Tiger, they had it too good," McHugh added, somewhat cryptically.

Invoking McHugh's controversial branding of Colm Cooper last year as "a two trick pony," O'Dowd has hit back.

"Those comments are irrelevant old stuff, he's probably a bit of a one trick analyst himself, isn't he? To coin a phrase he used himself," said the Meath manager.

"These thing are just stuff some fellas come out with and for supporters to debate. We don't have the time to be dwelling on stuff like that."