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Ó Sé admits that Kingdom are blessed to have Clifford


David Clifford

David Clifford

David Clifford

'Haven't we given the Dubs enough?', smiles Marc Ó Sé, pointing out the Kerry family heritage of the Brogans, Brian Fenton and Cian O'Sullivan. Almost inevitably these days with Kerry football, conversation had turned to David Clifford and that fact that his family used to live in Dublin.

"I teach with his uncle Fergus and by all accounts they were living in Dublin for years so he could have been lost to the Dubs. We're very blessed to have him down here."

With his brilliant goal over the weekend, Clifford underlined once again why, even in Kerry, they're excited about where he could bring them. And Ó Sé makes no bones that, despite the talent the county have produced in recent years, Clifford is already the county's go-to man.

And he revealed that Dublin's James McCarthy is a fan.

"I was chatting to James McCarthy last year just before Christmas, congratulating him on the five-in-a-row win and asking him about the final and all of that and the replay. I said, 'Are ye going to share the love and let any team in?' Straight away the conversation broke towards David and how impressed he was, how good this fella is," Ó Sé revealed.

"I think he was the one player that really worried the Dubs last year. If you look at the drawn match, I think that in terms of scoring he didn't score that much yet he had a huge influence. He was the cause of the penalty, he kicked two points, missed two earlier shots. And of course Jonny Cooper got sent off. Also, you look at the replay, I think it was four points."

Clifford's brilliant goal in last weekend's county final, off his weaker right foot and whizzed into the top corner lit up social media.

"Even if you look at the county final last weekend, Peter Crowley was marking him for the goal, you couldn't say Peter did much wrong but what David did do was the running off the ball... from a defender's point of view you're saying, 'Worst case scenario here, a point with the right leg'. But it was that bullet of a shot. It was phenomenal."

Kerry boss Peter Keane had access to his full complement of players last night after the Mid and East Kerry players returned.

And with a short season ahead, Ó Sé believes every county will need to hit the ground running when league action recommences on the weekend of October 17/18.

"There will be huge emphasis on the national league.

"Because if you think about it is a short season. October, November, December, there is only three months of a season there. I think he'll want to get off to a good start," Ó Sé concluded.

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