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Non-alcoholic beer: a healthy alternative

Recent research has shown that 59% of drinkers would feel comfortable ordering non-alcoholic beers when out. Possibly more interesting is that 49 per cent said that they feel non-alcoholic beers are more socially acceptable than they were five years ago.

Why the up-turn?

According to Pamela Ryder, Head of Marketing for the Rye River Brewing Company, the reason is down to an increased awareness amongst young people of the health risks associated with alcohol.

"There is no doubt that people are more aware now of the negative effects consuming alcohol can have on their lives. This is especially so for those who are active in sports or looking to lead a healthier lifestyle."

But wouldn't a sports drink offer a more appropriate alternative? The answer is a resounding no.

Often, cutting back on beer limits people to consuming sugary, sweet tasting alternatives, which are loaded with calories.

In fact Bavaria 0.0% beer is a healthier alternative to most soft drinks and sports drinks. To emphasise this point the company has sought collaboration with dieticians.

"Bavaria 0.0% is an isotonic beverage made with pure spring mineral water that forms the base of this refreshing non-alcoholic beverage and it contains 68 per cent less sugars and 41 per cent less calories than the average soft drink or fruit juice," says Pamela.

"Bavaria 0.0% non-alcoholic beer is 100 per cent alcohol free and contains only three grams of naturally occurring sugar and just 24 calories per 100ml."

While the health benefits offer a compelling argument for trading your bottle of beer or soft drink for Bavaria 0.0%, two questions remains: does it taste good and does it taste anything like beer?

Most consumers will admit that Bavaria 0.0% is probably one of the best tasting non-alcoholic beers on the market. Some non-alcoholic beers don't actually taste like beer because of the process involved in making them. Many are produced by first creating alcohol and then using a process to remove the alcohol.

"For this reason most non-alcoholic beers on the Irish market have up to 0.5 per cent alcohol content remaining after they put their liquid through their evaporation process," explains Pamela.

"Bavaria's patented process ensures that alcohol never forms resulting in the full flavour and great taste of malt and hops remaining, giving consumers the clean crisp and refreshing taste you expect from a beer whilst guaranteeing it to be 100% non-alcoholic."