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'Nobody has pace of Dublin' - Bohan


Mick Bohan. Photo: Sportsfile

Mick Bohan. Photo: Sportsfile

Mick Bohan. Photo: Sportsfile

Clare coach Mick Bohan may be consumed by thoughts of Kerry this Sunday - but he believes his native Dublin remain the team to beat in this year's race for Sam.

"To me, nobody has the pace that Dublin have," Bohan told The Herald.

"The worry for them, no more than Kerry I suppose, is what competitive fixtures will they get? And can they get caught on that?

"And the whole thing of every single person they meet telling them that it's their All-Ireland. Because no matter what you do, it softens players."


Bohan has enjoyed a stellar first season working alongside Banner boss Colm Collins, who has led Clare to a first All-Ireland SFC quarter-final.

But as a coach under Jim Gavin in 2013 and '14, he knows this Dublin squad better than most.

Citing the 2014 All-Ireland semi-final when they were ambushed by Donegal, Bohan recounted: "You could say that was a flip of the coin - two opportunities to put the ball in the back of the net and if either of them had gone in, for me that game was done and dusted. But that's always the worry.

"But look, they're the outstanding team of this decade and not only are they the outstanding team, but the way they're playing football is the way that most of us would want to go and watch the game."