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No regrets for code-hopping Rebel Cadogan


Eoin Cadogan. Photo: Sportsfile

Eoin Cadogan. Photo: Sportsfile

Eoin Cadogan. Photo: Sportsfile

Ahead of his first Munter SHC campaign since 2014, Eoin Cadogan is adamant that he has no regrets over the various code switches nor his efforts to play both football and hurling at an elite level in his varied inter-county career to date.

At 31, Cadogan has rejoined the Cork hurlers for John Meyler's first season as manager, having devoted his time exclusively to football at county level over the past four seasons.

The Douglas man openly concedes now that his latest switch will be his last. Previously, he was one of the last of a celebrated but dying species; the elite dual player, though he maintains that given a second chance, he'd do it all exactly the same again.

"I wouldn't change it, definitely not," Cadogan stresed.

"Like, if I told you, you had an opportunity to play in All-Ireland finals in football and play in All-Ireland semi-finals with Donal Óg Cusack, Sean Óg, Graham Canty, Nicholas Murphy, in both codes, you'd say I was probably mental.

"Whereas I had that opportunity and I did it."

For all that, Cadogan is now fully convinced that it is impossible to play both sports at inter-county level in the new, fixture-heavy, condensed summer months.


"In terms of more games obviously, still the same amount of training to get ready for those games," he points out.

"The easiest part now will be actually playing those games because there will be less training and there will be more recovery."

The country's most celebrated current dual club player, Con O'Callaghan, has managed to maintain a supreme level in both sports over the past two years and Cadogan sees no reason why his prowess in either will be eroded in serving both sporting masters as he gets older.

"Is he going to win everything for the entire rest of his life? No," Cadogan stated.

"Can you put that down to getting older and having to have a job? Absolutely not.

"I'm sure that he'll be comfortable in that knowing he's won predominantly most accolades across both codes.

"Will you be asking him in ten years time does he regret playing both codes for his club at different times?

"Definitely not.

"So he's a serious hurler and a footballer and he's clearly enjoying what he's doing with club and county, so fair play to him," he concluded.