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No Picnic for Cadogan

BY now, most of those who are lucky enough to get their hands on a ticket for the All-Ireland final already have it/them tucked away in some cupboard or drawer to be untouched again until Sunday morning.

But despite the frantic nature of the annual scavenge, it’s worth noting that there is another major event on this weekend for which tickets are at a premium – The Electric Picnic.

The three-day music festival in Stradbally will doubtless be attended by a number of idle culture vulture-type inter-county players, although one person who doesn’t seem to be going is Cork’s dual full-back, Eoin Cadogan, who this weekend resorted to Twitter in the search for an elusive ticket.

Cadogan, it seems, has exhausted every single avenue in his hunt, as the following Twitter exchange with former Rebel Diarmuid O’Sullivan, shows:

Cads3: “Chancing my arm ...but does anybody know where I’d get 2 tickets for electric picnic on Saturday ??? Seem to be all sold out”

dsully3: @cads3: “try Frank”

Cads3: @dsully3: “I wrote in but got no response!”