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No entry to touted tickets, warns GAA

THE GAA has moved to prevent the black market sale of tickets for Sunday's All-Ireland final, issuing a press release yesterday warning punters eager to attend that any ticket bought outside the flow of official GAA channels could be turned away at the stiles on Sunday.

Unlike previous years, there has been no mad scramble for tickets for any GAA matches outside of the two All-Ireland finals and as such, 'touts' have been largely missing from big match days.

However, with the inevitable panic to find tickets for the All-Ireland finals, online tout companies and the more traditional street sellers have a source of potential business again.

"In September every year a number of tickets end up in the hands of touts, both the traditional 'street touts' and in more recent years with 'online touts'," the GAA statement warns. "The provision of tickets to these touts is contrary to the GAA ticket rules. Any person or group who is found to have supplied a ticket tout is immediately barred from purchasing tickets from the GAA for future fixtures."

But there's more. Not only will the said individual have their rights to buy tickets in future withheld, they run the risk of behind turned away at the Croke Park stiles on Sunday.

"Any ticket identified as being in the hands of a tout, online or otherwise is immediately cancelled and replaced," they tell us. "Once a ticket is identified as being held by a tout it is immediately cancelled.

"A ticket purchased from a tout is likely to be refused at the stile and the purchaser will be substantially out of pocket."