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No 9: Jack O'Connor

MONDAY: Phew! The last thing we wanted was a nasty quarter-final against some flying-fit Kildare -- or worse again, another week swinging in the wind and waiting for Tyrone.

They still give me the creepies, even if half of Harte's gang are the wrong side of 40. But Limerick? Purr-fect.

TUESDAY: As I was saying, yerra we've hammered Limerick already in June; they've no John Galvin; they're bound to be mentally exhausted from all that high drama in Portlaoise; they're not even managed by a Kerryman any more, but some young kid on the block from Mayo, God help them.

And besides, they're Limerick! Now best start planning for that semi-final against Cork ...

WEDNESDAY: Eh, just one thing - those entries for Monday and Tuesday were strictly off-the-record.

Yerra, you can't be too careful with these D4 meejia snoops.

If they can hack into your voice mail, surely they can peek into my diary too. Which, by the way, is a little black book -- yer man from Finuge gave me the idea.

THURSDAY: Speaking of Mr Galvin, I pray to Mick O'Connell that his 'hammer' is A-okay.

I wonder has it anything to do with those skinny jeans?

But anyway, the good news is that the 'Kerry Two' -- victims of a gross miscarriage of GAA justice 12 months ago -- are free men this weekend.

FRIDAY: Woke up in a horrid sweat last night, in the midst of an awful nightmare.

All I could see was Benny Coulter and Marty Clarke pouring through the middle of a parting Kerry defence ... and then, at the last second, they transformed into Ian Ryan and Stephen Kelly.

Then I saw two umpires, one waving a Limerick wide, another a point, and yer man Derek Fahy running in to say 'put up the flag', and he's about to blow the final whistle and Limerick are a point up. Aaarrrggh!

SATURDAY: I just can't understand these big-match nerves - before Limerick! Best ring Páidí and borrow one of his piseogs.