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Murphy leaves big boots to fill

A GOOD manager is like a top chef. They make the best of their ingredients.

And so it was with Denis Murphy. It is not going to be easy to replace him in the kitchen. Denis is a small-ball man with high standards. He demanded the best from the players ... and himself.

He was very professional in his outlook. Always highly organised and focused. The squad fed off that.

They were some blue-letter days, and some darker ones too. But it was all about the little steps.

He played for Crumlin and Dublin. He knows the value of keeping the mind on the job, the eye on the ball and the feet dancing like Muhammad Ali.

He did much for the Dubs. He brought them further along the road. He has the game in his heart.

His sister, Edel, was one of the purest strikers of a sliotar in Ireland. She scored more points for Dublin than Tony McCoy had winners.

Denis's successor will find the county camp in ship-shape. And Denis will be the first on the phone to wish the new boss well.