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Mossy Quinn: I believe I'm still getting better as a footballer


Tomas Quinn

Tomas Quinn

Tomas Quinn

"THE lads slag me for my age," says Mossy Quinn, 33, but looking as though he'd last an Under 21 trial without being asked for a birth cert.

"But I still believe that I'm getting better as a footballer."

"Whether that's naive or not, I don't know. Everyone has the attitude, whether you're 21 or 31 that's the attitude that has got us to whether we are."

"We're just trying to get better. We're just trying to challenge each other."

Better as a footballer? Hard to say.

So good was Quinn in last year's AIB Leinster club football championship, it was easy to surmise his inter-county retirement had either coincided with, or perhaps caused, the best form of his life.


Yet you'd have made a small fortune had you backed Quinn for first goal scorer in every game Vincent's have played this year.

Last Christmas, in an interview with the Herald, Bernard Brogan called him, "the best goal finisher in Ireland." The evidence of last Sunday suggests Quinn's ranking is unchanged.

He is a stand-out finisher in a team which is almost programmed to go in search of goal once possession is gathered within the opposition's '45.

Though not always wisely.

"It's a mindset, a few of us have it and it's one of those... and we have to find a balance," he admits.

"Sometimes we go too much and we might get caught and it might cost us and sometimes they're on.

"Once or twice we probably should have hand-passed it over when the goal chance goes.

"It's just instinct, it's hard to take that out of guys. We come to attack, we come to put up big scores and that's what we try and do."

Quinn adds: "Our management do a brilliant job preparing us but we're the ones out on the pitch and we have to be big enough to make those calls."

"We have to trust that when we have the ball we're going to do the right thing and not the right thing for yourself, the right thing for the guy beside you.

"To make him look good or the right thing for the team and we've worked very hard at getting that."

"Tommy (Conroy) asked us at a team meeting on Friday night: 'what do you want?' And it wasn't a questioned that had to be answered with words. It had to be answered with actions.


"And he asked the team did we want to continue our run and what kind of team did we want to be known as.

"And I think there's room for us to keep improving," concludes Quinn. "That's appetite."