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Moore injury is 'a bit of concussion'

GALWAY have allayed fears over Fergal Moore's health after their skipper was removed to hospital following a collision with Kilkenny's powerhouse forward, Walter Walsh, during yesterday's NHL semi-final.

Contrary to initial fears that Moore may have suffered a neck injury, Galway selector Tom Helebert revealed: "The initial feedback is just a bit of concussion and he'll be fine."

He added: "I would describe him as semi-conscious when we were talking to him on the sideline. He took a hard hit; it was nothing more than two guys going for the ball and he came out the wrong side."

Helebert declined to blame Moore's injury for Galway's pallid performance thereafter.

"I wouldn't pin it completely on Fergal's injury," he reflected. "I suppose the fact was they started to get a grip on the game ... as a unit they all just basically clamped us in the middle of the park, and from there that was their springboard."