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Rory Beggan: Had little chance with either clinically executed goal, but only had 33pc success on his first half kickouts, struggling to find a white jersey when he went long with a sequence of second quarter restarts. Point blank save later prevented a second Diarmuid Connolly goal. RATING: 6

Colin Walshe: For 21 minutes he was magnificent, keeping Bernard Brogan quiet and threatening a Man of the Match display with several eye-catching interventions. Then landed heavily on his left knee and his dominance dipped, struggling to exert the same suffocating pressure on his marquee man who hit 1-1 from play. RATING: 7

Drew Wylie: Battled manfully throughout in difficult circumstances. Eoghan O'Gara took him for two points but had to work for any opening. RATING: 7

Ryan Wylie: Started promisingly with a clever interception on Alan Brogan, but his man eventually turned up the heat and Wylie struggled with the slippery veteran - cue a three-point leakage. RATING: 6

Vinny Corey: Set up a 20th minute point for Conor McManus but struggled at the other end with Diarmuid Connolly's ghosting runs. He wasn't actually the defender burned by Connolly for his goal, but in the second half was left for dead as his man engineered another goal chance. RATING: 6

Dessie Mone: Kept Kevin McManamon on a tight leash but his usual influence on the ball was marked absent. Picked up an obligatory yellow in second half. RATING: 6

Fintan Kelly: Avoided any first half carnage but was torched by Paul Flynn on the restart. RATING: 6

Dick Clerkin: Outscored his vaunted opponent, Michael Darragh Macauley, by two points so credit where it's due. Never stopped trying and won a couple of first half kickouts, but couldn't halt Dublin's pivotal period of restart dominance and was later turned over by MDMA for a goal chance. RATING: 7

Darren Hughes: For such a key man, didn't see enough ball during first half. Briefly came alive after his switch to wing-forward, claiming two kickouts. RATING: 6

Padraig Donaghy: Apart from one early wide he offered little going forward, was one of two covering players overpowered by James McCarthy in lead-up to second goal - and was gone at half-time. RATING: 4

Kieran Duffy: Playing so deep enabled Jonny Cooper to press high up the field and actually backfired, while it was Duffy who was left grasping at thin air as Connolly pressed the accelerator for his goal. RATING: 5

Stephen Gollogly: Another of these worker-bee 'forwards' whose primary job was damage limitation but, instead, he was eclipsed by James McCarthy, most notably for the Dub's goal assist. RATING: 5

Kieran Hughes: The early auguries boded well as he assumed left-footed placed ball duties and converted two difficult frees from near the touchline. In open play, though, he had two wides, was well shackled by Philly McMahon and failed to ignite on his move to midfield. RATING: 5

Conor McManus: All kinds of everything from the Monaghan All Star. Kicked 0-6, including two from play, in a standout duel with Rory O'Carroll - but dogged marking and the pressure on his shoulders told as he amassed six wides and a couple of undercooked efforts. RATING: 6

Chris McGuinness: Hero of the hour against Kildare but totally anonymous here as he lived in Mick Fitzsimons' shadow. Lasted 42 minutes and probably lucky to do so.



Paul Finlay: Came on at the break to offer a greater scoring threat, but didn't have the legs to make it possible. RATING: 5

Jack McCarron: Saw more ball than some of his starting colleagues, but loses marks for a criminal 'go-it-alone' wide when a quick over-the-top pass would have released McManus through on goal. A miscontrol resulted in his second wide. RATING: 5

Gavin Doogan: Entered the fray with his team already 11 down, so hard to blame him. RATING: 5

Owen Duffy: Just 11 minutes to impress, but he won the kickout and free, delivered quickly by himself, to set up Monaghan's last score. RATING: 6

Conor Boyle: No discernible impact on a contest already long over. RATING: 5

Conor Galligan: On after 67 minutes, so not long enough to be rated.